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8th Grade Basic Training

Group type: Focus Groups
Schedule: Sundays @ 11:15 am in Room 102
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The 8th Grade Basic Training Class of Riverwood Chapel’s student ministries exist to confirm the student’s faith and knowledge in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  The class is designed to be instructional in Christian theology and practical in Christian lifestyle in accordance with the Christian faith as expressed at Riverwood Chapel. There are three big goals that we will pursue in this class:
  1. Students will think critically about their faith by asking good questions and learning how and where to find answers to their questions in the Bible.
  2. Students will gain confidence in the validity of the Christian faith and grow in their trust of Jesus.
  3. Students will decide to follow Jesus (or confirm the decision they have already made) and choose to participate in the life of the church through the practices of their faith (communion, baptism, community group, etc.).
  • Leaders
  • Josh Miller